The purpose of this assignment is to develop the ability to identify, compare, explain, interpret, describe and analyze how text organization clarifies meaning of nonfictional text (B.3.3).

Objective: TSW be able to recommend - or not - a nonfiction text based on credibility, currency, and coverage.

-Silent Army Soldier from China
-Book "Emperor's Silent Army"
-New books to evaluate
-Read-Write-Think Demo through PDESAS
-Google Docs form (see below)

Evaluate a new book and complete this form.

1. Introduce lesson based on discussion of bias. They will be evaluating nonfiction books. The assumption is that the authors are not biased. The book should provide evidence of this. In addition, the book should provide evidence of the relevance of the information it contains in terms of currency and coverage.
2. Show Silent Armyman model. Ask if they know what it is. Show the book "Emperor's Silent Army."
3. Explain that they will be helping me to evaluate books for the PSLA Young Adult Top 40 Committee.
4. Explain that they will work in pairs to select a book and answers questions about it. Explain that the questions are answered in a form that I created and is linked to a spreadsheet in Google Docs (Explain Google Docs if necessary).
5. Show demo (uses Emperor's Silent Army) - linked above.
6. Questions? Log in and access form through the JVES wiki - Units of Study.
7. Hit "Submit" when evaluation is complete.
7. Pick books.