5th Grade Timeline Project

Objective: Students will illustrate the chronological relationship of historical events. Students will be able to compare events in recent history to those at the beginning of the timeline.

-Identify location of timeline
-Identify beginning year of timeline
-Create the structure based on equal increments
-Populate the timeline with relevant/interesting events

During the first two weeks of January 2010, students worked in small groups to accomplish task 1 and 2. On Thursday, January 20, they calculated that given a start year of 250,000,000 b.c., each foot (of the 111 feet of the display) will represent over 2,000,000 years. It is clear that recent history will be very crowded on the wall near the library door.

At the end of January, students decided to change the time frame represented on the timeline. They agreed to start with 1500. They calculated that each foot on the wall equals 5 years. They made labels and posted them.

During the first week of February, students began populating the timeline. A model was provided...then improved after talking to 5th grade teachers. Students were given time to create their first event...anything they were interested in. This proved to be difficult, partly because they come and go at different times.

Beginning February 7, students will have specific categories of information (events) and/or specific resources to use to populate the timeline.

February 7 and 10th - Explorers using SIRS Discoverer
February 14 and 17th - African-Americans
February 21 and 24th -
February 28 and March 3 -
March 7 and 10th -

Other Resources:

Geologic Timeline
Timeline of the last 2,500,000 years